Custom Order Process

Placing Your Custom Order:
What to Expect and When 

STEP 1: Consultation & Quote

After you fill out the online Custom Order questionnaire, one of us will put together a personalized quote just for you. This initial quote will be a (very) rough estimate based on the information you provide in your questionnaire, so please be as detailed as possible! We'll send the rough quote back to you and schedule a brief consultation. Our goals for this first consultation are to:

1. get to know YOU and your visions for your designs
2. finalize your budget
3. verify your timeline

So, be sure to bring along your wildest ideas! A non-refundable deposit of 50% of the final quote is required to proceed beyond this first consultation and can be applied toward your purchase.

STEP 2: Design Phase

Consultation, DONE. Deposit, PAID. Now, the fun part: the design phase! This step allows us to make sure we are on the same page about every aspect of your custom jewelries! We'll create design sketches and send them back to you for your feedback and approval. Your custom order includes 3 FREE revision rounds that allow you to make specific changes to your designs. Any additional revisions will be charged on a per-revision basis. Once you've signed off on your designs you'll receive your final invoice, and we'll be ready to rumble! Your invoice must be paid in full before any materials are purchased or work is started on your order. 

STEP 3: Production

Let the making begin! All you need to do during this step is sit back, relax, and wait. Patiently, if possible! We may reach out with a couple questions or updates during the making, but otherwise we'll be hunkered over our workbench bringing your custom designs to life!

STEP 4: Mail Time

Your Silverskull Jewelry is ready to ship! Depending on our earlier conversations, you may have specified unique packaging or mailing requirements which we will take care of before shipping off your custom treasure box. Your custom order includes shipping insurance of up to $500, so you'll be responsible for covering the fees of any additional shipping insurance you require. 

STEP 5: Live Your Best Life

Your package arrives, and you put on your one-of-a-kind piece of Silverskull Jewelry and take on the world! Then repeat steps 1–5.