It's more than jewelry.
It's a legacy. 

Jewelry designers Lizzy and Kathryn


What started as his creative outlet during retirement grew into a love and legacy that our grandfather has passed down to us. 
A self-taught lapidary and silversmith, our grandfather first introduced us to the jewelry trade as kids, when he handed us our very first pieces of fine jewelry—beautiful sterling silver gemstone rings made personally by him. From then on, jewelry was our thing.
We would spy on him in his workshop, hunkered over his bench, and eagerly wait for him to reveal his shiny new creations. As we spent more and more time by his side over the years, he shared more and more of his craft with us, guiding our hands around the tools and patiently teaching us the skills he had already mastered.
The generous spirit of love and family that our grandfather has instilled within us is something we get to treasure forever, and it's his inspiring legacy that defines Silverskull Jewelry.
Making jewelry is our way of doing what we love, with the people we love. And we are honored to share it with you. 
Granddaddy working at his jewelry bench
Silverskull Jewelry logo

Each piece of Silverskull Jewelry is handmade by cousins and artists Lizzy and Kathryn. They use the traditional metalsmithing techniques and personal touches learned from their grandfather to craft one of a kind jewelry that will last for generations. Currently the jewelers operate out of their own workshops on either side of the Great Smoky Mountains—Lizzy in North Carolina and Kathryn in Tennessee.